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The OSMA Comments on the Proposed Better Care Reconciliation Act

For more than two decades, William D. Jones, MD has served as a self-employed occupational and preventive medical practitioner in Oklahoma City, OK. Over the course of his career, William D. Jones, MD has practicing with numerous organizations in OK and he has maintained membership at such organizations as the Oklahoma State Medical Association.

Recently, the Oklahoma State Medical Association (OSMA), an organization committed to advocating for medical professionals and promoting patient well-being, released a statement about the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017. This act was proposed to the United States Senate and, according to OSMA President Kevin Taubman, MD, it could cause serious harm to the healthcare delivery system and patient care in Oklahoma.
Although the OSMA is glad to see the the Better Care Reconciliation Act reinstated health coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions, the proposed bill still puts many Oklahomans at risk of losing access to affordable health care. In light of the new proposal and its flaws, the OSMA encourages the Oklahoma Congressional delegation to create new solutions in partnership with hospitals, patients, and physicians.
Further, the OSMA continues to encourage Congress to meet several goals. These include allowing patients to choose between a broad range of physicians and plans, providing access to affordable prescription drugs, and increasing transparency within the healthcare system. These goals were announced by the organization during its recent annual meeting.

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