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OSMA Files Legal Brief Supporting an Increase in Cigarette Prices

William D Jones MD, OK

Brown University alumnus William D. Jones MD is a medical practitioner based in Oklahoma City, OK, with a private practice concentrating on preventive and occupational medicine. He previously served as the medical director of the occupational medicine department at Norman Regional Hospital in Norman, OK. As a practitioner in the state, William D. Jones MD maintains an active membership in the Oklahoma State Medical Association (OSMA).

OSMA coordinates with local county medical societies and the nationwide American Medical Association. Not only does it serve members through offerings such as continuing medical education and insurance programs, it actively works toward the advancement of public health by acting as an advocate on relevant issues.
The OSMA recently filed a legal brief with the Oklahoma Supreme Court in support of state legislation imposing an additional fee on cigarettes. In a statement, OSMA president Dr. Kevin Taubman expressed his belief that increasing the cost of cigarettes can prevent tobacco-related deaths. In making this statement, OSMA cited statistics showing a converse correlation between cigarette prices and cigarette use, especially among youth.

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