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A “Skills Station” Approach to Coaching Tee Ball

William D Jones MD

A respected Oklahoma City, OK, preventive and occupational medicine practitioner, William D. Jones, MD, maintains longstanding membership in the OK State Medical Association. Community involved, William D. Jones, MD, has sponsored a softball league in his area for many years and enjoys playing adult slow-pitch softball. An avid fan of major and minor league baseball, he also coaches in children's tee-ball leagues.

Strategies for successful tee ball drills, which instill the basics of baseball while minimizing competitive pressures, include group activities that separate players into stations. These small groups focus on specific skills and minimize the time spent standing around watching others master an activity. Skills covered range from good fielding, throwing, and hitting techniques to proper base running and sliding.

With children spending 10-15 minutes at each station, where they are assisted by parents and coaches, an hour long session can be fun and productive for all involved. Each station can involve a variety of drills tailored to the group's skill level. For example, throwing practice can involve children lining up on a baseline and taking turns throwing to a coach, with issues of mechanics focused on throughout.

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